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Are you ready for the G.A.M.E. changer philosophy?


What is the G.A.M.E changer philosophy we hear you say?

It is a high vibe, high energy, high positivity approach to practicing your mindfulness habits.

For the people who are looking to increase serotonin and dopamine levels, whilst also increasing their heart rate and getting their sweat on.

If the usual approach to practicing mindfulness – silent meditation, breathwork, slow-paced exercise – isn’t hitting all the right notes for you, than get involved with G.A.M.E changer.

Read ahead for what the G.A.M.E changer approach is all about, get involved with our July challenge, and hear about the free gift with any purchase of our Manifestation Pack this month.

G is for Gratitude

In the simplest explanation, gratitude is the feeling of appreciation or thanks. It can be directed towards people, things, or experiences. It can be both an inward, and an outward, emotion to be felt and experienced. Why should we be practicing it?

Gratitude has been linked with increased levels of happiness and well-being (those happy dopamine levels we’re talking about!). Practicing gratitude can help you reframe your outlook on life, and see the positive aspects of your life more clearly. It can also help shift your focus from material possessions to experiences and relationships. Basically, it’s continuously training your mindset to focus on the everyday good things in your life.

A is for Affirmations

Affirmations, more commonly known as Positive Affirmations, are positive statements or phrases that can change, or help you overcome, negative thoughts and behavior’s. Again, this is a practice that works on training your brain to focus on the positives over the negatives. The same way we can train our body, we can train our mind.

Some example of daily positive affirmations can include;

  • I am proud of myself
  • I am living to my fullest potential
  • I accept myself just the way I am
  • I exude confidence to people around me

Affirmations work best when said out loud, which we know can feel quite cringe, but stick with it!

M is for Manifestation

Essentially, manifestation is the act of bringing something into existence through thought, feelings, and actions.

In other words, if you can dream it, you can manifest it!

Of course, manifestation isn’t magic. It takes work, and most importantly actions, to manifest your desires into reality. When you learn how to manifest, you open up a whole new world of possibilities. You can work towards the life you’ve always wanted.

In order to manifest your desires, you need to be clear about what you want. You can’t just think any old thought and expect it to materialize. You need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. This means getting rid of any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, and taking action towards your goals.

E is for Exercise

To round up the G.A.M.E changer philosophy we focus on exercise. Our beliefs lie in upbeat, high tempo, high dopamine types of exercise. And the beauty of it – it’s whatever fits with you!

Cold water swimming is your vibe – jump in!

Circuit training for the ultimate sweat – set those timers!

5km run is your key dopamine hitter – tie up those laces!

Whatever works for you is what works for this philosophy, as long as it puts a pep in your step and a smile on your face.

G.A.M.E changer July challenge for Pause.Penny. Gratitude, affirmations, manifestations, exercise

21 Day G.A.M.E changer July challenge

To give us the reboot and refresh we need for the second half of the year, we are running a G.A.M.E changer challenge!

Every morning at 6am our founder, Yvonne, will be running an Instagram Live that will walk you through the daily challenge. The best part? It will only take you 7 minutes!

7 minutes to get ahead of your day, kick starting your morning with a heavy dose of positivity and increasing your dopamine levels!

You in?

Click here to head over to Yvonne’s Instagram and get involved.

To top it all off, to celebrate the challenge we are offering a free full size 21 Day Gratitude Pack (worth €17) FREE with any purchase of our Manifestation Pack (worth €21) for the month of July.

Just use code GAME at checkout.

This is YOUR time to start living the life you want to live! Let’s do it!

If you’re just starting on your new mindset journey, be sure to check out our introductory guides to Gratitude and Meditation too.

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