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Hello, we’re Pause.Penny

Our Mission

Pause.Penny’s mission is to create products that empower people to live their best lives.
Driving awareness that self-care, personal development, and mindset are key to transforming your life.
Our purpose is to create tools, through products and education, that foster this.

We are simplifying the practice to easily make it part of your everyday life

Practicing Gratitude

The art of practicing gratitude is steeped in science and psychology, as well as spirituality, and brings a huge number of benefits for living a happier life.

Pause.Penny is educating people on gratitude and its benefits, whilst creating a space for regular practice. It simplifies the gratitude practice and makes it more efficient.

Our products are designed to slot into your everyday life. All you need is just one minute per day.

Gratitude Product by Pause Penny
An introduction to Manifestation and how you can get started

Gratitude Benefits

A greater sense of purpose

More positive emotions and feelings of self worth

Increased satisfaction with life and enhanced relationships

Manifesting your dream life starts with gratitude

What We Believe In




The Pause.Penny Story

Pause.Penny was founded after the loss of my daughter, Polly, at 21 weeks pregnancy. She represents the “Pause”. During this time, what I needed most was to pause and reflect on what was truly important in my life. Those deep and meaningful questions kept coming up “What is my purpose?” and “When am I most present?”. The “Penny” is the hope that comes after the difficult time. My daughter Penelope (Penny) was born less than one year after Polly.

I wanted to create something that I believed in, that was core to who I was as a person and reflected my story. I had always practiced gratitude and manifestation but my practice was inconsistent. During this time of reflection, I went back to prioristing my self-care and personal development. I went back to what I truly believed in – Gratitude.


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