The 21 Day Gratitude Box


Increased happiness in just 1 minute per day? Yes please.

When was the last time you took stock of what you were grateful for in your life? In our busy lives it can be hard to find the time, but with increasing studies showing that living more mindfully and practicing gratitude actually improves our positivity and outlook on life, now is more important than ever!

This pack is designed as an easier introduction to practicing Gratitude. Set yourself a goal of 7 days straight of practicing Gratitude, and increase from there.

If you need a little bit more information on this practice you can check out our simple guide to Gratitude here.

Quick Guide to the Benefits of Gratitude:

✨ Increased levels of happiness and positivity

✨ Keeps you in the present moment

✨ Lowers stress, anxiety and negative thinking

and so much more!

Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 25 mm

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Seven Cards, Seven Days, Seven Minutes Gratitude Practice


Practicing Gratitude has proven to increase our levels of happiness, relish the good experiences in our lives and reduce internal stresses.

With our Seven Cards, Seven Days, Seven Minutes Gratitude Practice pack we help to introduce you, or a loved one, into the eye-opening art of a daily practice.

This Gratitude pack is perfect for someone who wants to take steps towards improving their wellbeing. Who may feel overwhelmed with the amount of wellness information they hear and see and are wondering how they can easily implement a wellbeing practice into their busy lives.

The pack is designed for an easier journey into practicing Gratitude. Three sets of weeklong cards are included in the box, allowing you to choose the weeks you will begin this practice. It may be hard to kickstart into a full month of Gratitude, but this pack enables you to focus a week at a time, and if they’re not consecutive weeks, that’s OK!

The pack includes 21 cards for you to write down what you are feeling grateful, as well as a Guided Gratitude Practice handbook with tips and prompts that will teach you how to embrace your daily practice.

The pack is designed so that you can easily take out one card per day to write your Gratitude notes and slip back easily in the box to read at the end of your weeks. As well as being compact and stylish enough to rest on your bedside table.

Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 25 mm

It only takes 1 minute a day, and the benefits are endless.

To find out more about what Gratitude is and how you can start practicing it you can check out our simple guide to Gratitude here.

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